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Posted: August 3, 2009 in Uncategorized

We live in a world of desperate and deadly times. Third world countries are slowly getting poorer, ethnic and political hatred in the third world are slowing consuming regions causeing genocides and abuses of power by evil dictators, and IslamoFascists are gathering to destroy every nation unless they follow their false fundamentalist based policies. In a period of chaos, it is known that confusions tend to occur. People wonder to themselves why such horrible things happen. They get so swallowed up by this question that they tend to lose faith in God and country. After this, there are to two different pathways they take to make sense of it all: the path of nihilism, or the path of a following another false ideology. The individuals who take the latter invent twisted ideologies and violently point the blame on others in order to find an answer. But there is one sick ideology that abandons morals and liberty all together. To this day, a dangerous force of horrible and immense power is sweeping the mind of U.S. Citizens and is growing by the day. Based on the destruction of individualism, and the growth of collectivism and groupthink, they wish to create a global centralized government, after the annihilation of the current, where a dictator provides for the people, unaware that people are able to provide for themselves. They claim that they are true revolutionaries and that are on a global mission to destroy the so-called “oppressers.” Which false revolutionaries i’m talking about? They are the anti-capitalist, leftest, anarchist,and communist revolutionaries. With stoned college students and the media among their army they are slowly growing in number, preaching to people that the U.S. is an evil nation bent on impirealism and that the U.S. government wants to destroy all minorities, and at the same time these leftist abominations use cencership and intimidation to silence all opposition.

My purpose in this debacle is to confront my opposite.

Why I believe the revolution is bullshit:

Well, where shall I start. I must confess, first, that I cannot answer truthfully since the factors are advanced beyond earthy comprehension and is along the lines of casual determinism, but I will try to respond with as much integrity. I suppose the real reason for my rejection of that anti-establishment, delusioned assembly and my formation of an array of like-minded individuals is the simple theory that all forces in the universe have an equal and opposite force. I sort of got bromidic with all these equally intellectual individuals abandoning common sense and moral integrity for such a strong-willed, yet, false ideology. But I cannot say the left is dead. Even an organism with the mental sophistication of an ant, can see that the far left is alive and well here and abroad. This ideology is very infectious and is very simple to acquire due to its tempting gaze. But the ironic thing is I used to be one of these willfully serving subjects of this controlling ideal, an ideal that masks itself with the promise of complete liberation, but its true intention is domination. I too believed that with enough knowledge and wisdom of myself and of others I can control my destiny and change the world. That nothing in this world can stop me from doing anything I wanted. Though along that path I encountered something that changed me, that knowledge and wisdom is not enough: man and the universe is imperfect, and that is why it is beautiful. There are some things in this world man cannot control. One of those things that man cannot control is himself, and that man is not truely free from himself and others until death. This encounter came after a striking meeting with the horrors of reality, and I saw the flaw of this ideology. It exploits the confusion of the mind and absorbs you and makes you think for you, and at the same time you completely forget that you can think for yourself.I have subjugated myself in a middle ground that I have lost hope in many HUMAN ideologies and I do the best I can to do what is right, whenever I get the chance. But do not get me wrong I have not given up hope in humanity, for they are capable in many great things. And, despite what some may believe, I never wanted to control or subjugate your to the same beliefs as mine for we both believe (or so I thought) that man is not meant to control others, only to wonder what our place is in this world and when the time comes to protect the innocent of this world and too make sure my neighbor doesn’t loose his will.


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